In order for single source recycling to be successful it has to be profitable for companies investing in the process. Large corporate manufacturers of waste containers could initiate the project by manufacturing containers in the colors and with the symbols of the campaign initiative.

Consumers, businesses and governments could further advance the campaign by using standardized color coded containers in every facet of their recycling efforts. Currently many businesses use color coding for recyclables, but there is no consistency throughout locations. Blue and green are used interchangeably for plastic and paper.

The next important step is research and development for more efficient and profitable products from single source recycled products. Plastics have several different compositions. Metals encompass a variety of different metals. Paper products are also divided into paper and cardboard.

Entrepreneurial businesses must be supported and encouraged to develop processes and products that efficiently and profitably re-constitute recycled single source products.

Until we make our trash valuable,
consumers will continue to dispose of it
with the idea that is worthless.

Our resources are not worthless. And if we continue on the current path, we will be ‘forced‘ to reexamine our ‘trash’ as a valuable resource.


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