This is a select list of links to manufacturers, organizations and individuals working toward recycling goals around the world. It also includes general information links and useful resources.

GLASS TO SAND VIDEO A short video demonstrating the glass to sand crushing machine and the resulting fine grain sand.


GENERAL RESOURCE LINK This link was sent to me recently by a schoolteacher and her daughter working on recycling projects.
An amazing list of information and resources! Great for schools, teachers and any educational initiative.

LANDMARK STUDIO – Recycled plastic products, including outdoor recycling containers. Muskego, Wisconsin.

REPURPOSED MATERIAL – Repurposed materials bought and sold. Amazing group out of Colorado, USA.

PAPER STONE – the greenest architectural surface on the planet. Hoquiam, Washington.

INENTEC – technology to convert recyclables into fuel. Richland, Washington.

BLUE SKY USA – Recycled paper into cellulose insulation. Columbia, Illinois.

FIBERLITE TECHNOLOGIES – Converting waste paper into cellulose insulation. Joplin, Missouri.

AURORA GLASS – Beautiful glass products and adornments made from recycled glass. Eugene, Oregon.

BEDROCK INDUSTRIES – 100% recycled glass tiles. Seattle, Washington.

EKKO GLASS – Office and small business glass crushing machines. Franchise opportunity business.

CORNELL COMPOSTINGAn informative guide on recyclable waste separation techniques and processing from Cornell University.

GLASS RECYCLING INFORMATION From the Glass Packaging Institute.

LIVE SCIENCE ARTICLE -Does recycling plastic cost more than making it?


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